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English Speaking Jobs in the Netherlands 2024

English-Speaking Jobs in the Netherlands: Are you seeking English-speaking employment in the Netherlands? You’ve come to the correct site, then! One of the most diverse nations in Europe is the Netherlands, usually known as Holland. Ninety percent (90%) of the people who reside in this flat nation, noted for its cheese, clogs, and windmills, are Dutch. This suggests that there are lots of employment opportunities for English speakers.

Jobs in Different Cities of the Netherlands

One of the most cosmopolitan nations in Europe is the Netherlands. English is spoken by around 90% of Dutch people, and many foreign corporations have established offices here. This indicates that there is numerous English-speaking employment available for you to accept in the Netherlands.

It is not surprising that English speakers opt to reside in the Netherlands; thus, there are many ex-pat employment available. English speakers are required to work in other Dutch locations. English-speaking employment is available in the large cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht, and Rotterdam. Additionally, positions in Tilburg, Maastricht, and Groningen are available in English. Whatever region of the Netherlands you decide to call home, there will very certainly be amenities for English speakers there. Whew!

How can I find English Speaking Work in the Netherlands?

Is this your first time using English to look for work in the Netherlands? Or maybe you’ve got some experience and want to apply for the most recent English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands. You then probably need some guidance. Fortunately, the procedure is straightforward, and you’re in the correct place. Many Dutch businesses utilize job boards and staffing organizations like Jobbird to find employees.

Consequently, looking for jobs online is prevalent among job searchers. The majority of people also use these websites to apply for jobs in the Netherlands that are available in English. You only need to compose a cover letter and upload an updated resume to get started. Simple, right? Find your favorite job openings in the Netherlands and submit your application right away. You’ll probably have no trouble finding employment in the Netherlands that speaks English.

Requirements for Job

The basic requirements for jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers are given below:

  • Education
  • Work Visa (For non-residents of the Netherlands or EU)
  • The grip on the English Language
  • Social Security and tax information

English Speaking Jobs in the Netherlands

English Speaking Jobs in Different Sectors

In the Netherlands, The age of the worker or individual determines the minimum salary or average compensation. This pay is consistently updated in the Netherlands every six months to reflect inflation. The following are some of the numerous job sectors and their monthly salaries, and any employer will pay an English speaker with substantial competence in his profession or who has worked for a foreign employer a high income:

  • €2,000 Physiotherapy
  • €2,200 for industrial design
  • €3,200 Veterinary medicine
  • €2,400 Artificial intelligence
  • €4000 dental work
  • €2,300 Accounting costs
  • €3,200 Industrial design
  • €2,700 in information technology
  • €1,300 for visual arts
  • €2,150 for retail management, etc.

Advantages of Working in the Netherlands as an English Speaker

The advantages of employing English speakers in the Netherlands are as follows:

  • Parental leave
  • Pension Plan
  • Healthcare
  • Public Holidays


This article has demonstrated how Dutch English speakers can find lucrative work. You can employ all of the techniques mentioned in the article if you’re a native English speaker who lives in the Netherlands and wants to get your ideal job.


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