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Seasonal work visa Netherlands

Seasonal work visa Netherlands: Many seasonal workers choose to come to The Netherlands, especially those who work in agriculture and horticulture. You’ll need a seasonal work visa to work in the Netherlands if you’re not a citizen. In this article, we explain the whole procedure how to get the visa.

Seasonal work visa Netherlands

What is a Seasonal Work Visa?

Seasonal work visas allow foreign workers to work in the Netherlands for six months. This visa is for temporary agricultural and horticultural workers like harvesters.

Who is eligible for a Seasonal Work Visa?

Foreign employees may apply for a seasonal work visa. You must meet certain requirements for a Netherlands visa. These include a Dutch job offer, financial stability, and health insurance.

Application Procedure for a Seasonal Work Visa

A seasonal work visa requires a few actions. First, investigate the country’s requirements and application procedure. Gather all documents and fill out the application. Submit your application early and respond to any queries. Finally, prepare for your interview and be ready to discuss your qualifications and plans to work in the country.

You must contact your local Netherlands embassy or consulate to apply for a temporary work visa. The embassy or consulate will offer you application forms and a list of required papers. Visa applications need papers. These include identity documents, a job offer from a Dutch employer, enough money to support yourself in the Netherlands, and health insurance.

Processing and fees

Each embassy or consulate processes seasonal work visas differently. It normally takes two to four weeks. Seasonal employment visas cost €60. You may pay less if your nation has a visa facilitation agreement with the Netherlands.

Working Conditions for Seasonal Workers

Dutch seasonal workers have particular working standards and safeguards. This includes minimum pay, limiting working hours, and safe workplaces. Know your rights and report infractions as a worker. Report such occurrences to your employer or Dutch authorities.


A seasonal work visa in the Netherlands may help international workers find temporary agricultural and horticultural jobs. Following the instructions, you may work in the Netherlands with a visa. Great fun! Know your employee’s rights to work safely and fairly.


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