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Netherlands Best Female News Anchors 2024

Netherlands Best Female News Anchors: We have compiled an overview of the best female news anchors in the Netherlands, including their experience and what they’re known for. You can watch the best female Reporters in the Netherlands on TV or online. The list below contains all of their names, and where you can find them on YouTube or Twitter. This will help you to know about the best female anchors in the Netherlands.

Netherlands Best Female News Anchors

Anne-Marie van de Ven

Anne-Marie van de Ven is a reporter for RTL Nieuws in The Hague, Netherlands. She’s been working at this station since 1993 and even won an Emmy Award for her reporting skills. She is very hard-working and talented in her work.

Mirjam Giesen

Mirjam Giesen is a journalist who works for Dutch public broadcaster VPRO (a division of Dutch national public broadcaster VARA). She has been covering politics since 1999 but also does some other types of news stories too like crime reports or sports broadcasts. She is very hard-working and very popular in her job.

Nieuwsuur Netherlands Best Female News Anchors

Nieuwsuur is the most-watched news program in the Netherlands. The hosts of Nieuwsuur are Jort Kelder (who also does other things like host Wees Gewoon! or works as an expert on television shows like Top Gear), Martijn Koolen (who has been doing some acting lately), and Eva Jinek who is known for being funny but also very serious when it comes down to reporting real news stories from around the world.


We hope that you enjoyed reading through this list of the best news anchors in the Netherlands. We know that it can be hard to find good female news anchors, but we think these women are doing an amazing job. They’re always on top of their game and they’re there for us when we need them most.


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