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Which Engineering field has the most females in the Netherlands

 Which Engineering field has the most females: In the Netherlands, women account for only about 26 percent of the engineering workforce. Moreover, In technical fields such as Electrical and Mechanical engineering, which mainly consist of male workers, it is difficult to attract female workers. This can be explained by the fact that there are not many young female STEM students applying for these jobs. The females in these studies often try to get employed in studies such as Computer science or math. In these studies, 33% and 45% of the workforce are females respectively.

Which Engineering field has the most females

Computer Engineering Field

Computer engineering is one of the most gender-diverse fields of engineering with 38% of the workforce being female. In this field, you can work on anything from robotics to artificial intelligence and data science.

Computer engineers are also very versatile in their jobs because they have to be able to understand both hardware and software. And then make them work together in order for something like an iPhone or other mobile device to function properly.

Electrical and Mechanical engineering

There are many reasons why women choose not to enter engineering. For example, it is seen as being too masculine and technical, which can be intimidating for women who don’t want to be seen as masculine themselves. Also, the field requires a lot of hard work and requires time away from family life. Lastly, there have been many instances where female colleagues were sexually harassed by their male colleagues in the workplace due to their gender identity or because they were perceived as less competent than their male counterparts.

All over Working Percentage

In the Netherlands, 26% of all workers are female. This percentage is lower than the national average for STEM fields.In which women make up about 50% of all disciplines. There are big differences between fields as well: technical studies (28%) have the lowest proportion compared to other fields. Such as nursing (60%) or social work (56%).


We hope that these numbers will encourage more girls and women to study STEM and get into these careers. It is important to note that there are also many other factors that affect the number of women in STEM fields, such as family, work-life balance, etc.

So, We encourage parents who want their daughter to pursue a career in engineering or computer science.  They Should support her decision by encouraging her throughout her journey.



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