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Unskilled jobs in the Netherlands for foreigners

Unskilled jobs in the Netherlands for foreigners: Foreign workers flock to the Netherlands. The nation’s economy is robust and varied, offering skilled and unskilled jobs. This article discusses the unskilled employment open to foreigners in the Netherlands.

Unskilled jobs in the Netherlands for foreigners

Hotel jobs

Dutch hospitality is a good choice for unskilled workers. Restaurants, caf├ęs, bars, and hotels need personnel to serve clients, clean, and cook. Many hospitality workers speak many languages.

Retail sector

Dutch retail also provides unskilled labor. Retail occupations include supermarkets, clothes shops, and others. Some retail jobs offer on-the-job training and require no experience.


Dutch agriculture provides unskilled labor like fruit harvesting and greenhouse labor. For foreigners seeking temporary work, many Dutch farms recruit seasonal labor.

Cleaning services

Cleaners are always needed in the Netherlands. Cleaning workplaces, schools, hospitals, and other public locations is possible. Some cleaning jobs demand basic language abilities but don’t require experience.

Delivery services

People who own bicycles or motorized scooters in the Netherlands can find work delivering food for companies like Deliveroo and Uber Eats. No experience is needed for food delivery jobs.


Dutch building is booming, and laborers are always needed. Demolition, site preparation, and general labor may use unskilled individuals. Many construction companies hire bilingual workers.

Warehouse logistics

Logistics is a major employer in the Netherlands, a global trading center. This industry employs unskilled workers in warehouses, packing, and transportation. Some companies in this industry require basic language skills for on-the-job training.

Manufacturing and production

In the Netherlands, the manufacturing and production industry is a sector that offers job opportunities for individuals without specialized skills. Some jobs you may be required to do could involve working on an assembly line, packaging items, or operating machines. Certain job positions may necessitate a fundamental understanding of a language, but numerous businesses hire personnel proficient in multiple languages.


Foreigners may find several unskilled jobs in the Netherlands. Hospitality, retail, agriculture, and logistics provide jobs for non-specialists. Foreigners may find work in the Netherlands easier since many firms hire multilingual personnel.



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