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Tara Elders Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Movies

Tara Elders Biography: Tara Elders is a popular celebrity in the entertainment industry. She has been part of many movies and TV shows since her early childhood days. She became popular after starring in Interview (2007), Sextet (2007), and May 6th (2004).

Moreover, she is one of the most famous Hollywood actors. Featured in many films and series. Also, people across the world love her beauty and her acting skills.

Tara Elders Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Movies

 Biography of Tara

Tara Elders was born on 17 January 1980 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She is a dutch actress and model who has appeared in various films and television series. Her first movie role was Daphne in The First Purge (2018).

Age of Actress

Tara Elder’s Age is 42.

Tara Elders Height

our queen actress, who is better known as Tara Elders, has a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Her weight is 48 kg and her body measurements are 36-25-36 inches.

Tara Elders’ Husband

She married her old friend Huisman in Feb 2008. Their daughter was born in 2007. Elders gave up acting in 2009 so she could devote her time to being a mother. Up until 2017, when they relocated to New York City, they were residents of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Her Famous Movies

All of her movies are interesting. she played different roles in every possible type of genre. People of the Netherlands love her work. I am also her big fan. She played her roles in a unique way which makes her different from others. Her famous works are the following:

  1. Stratosphere Girl
  2. May 6th
  3. Vox Populi
  4. The Muse
  5. Lover Boy
  6. Sextet


So, Tara Elders is a famous actress who has portrayed many different roles throughout the years. There are millions of her fans across the world. Moreover,  The Netherlands film industry is nothing without her and we love our actress by heart.



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