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Home Electrician Salary in the Netherlands 2024

Home Electrician Salary In the Netherlands: Are you wondering about that how much an electrician earns in the Netherlands? So, you don’t have to worry about it, I am here t tell you guys. I thought most of you selects their profession after checking salary amounts. if you want to be an electrician. So, I am going to about how much you can earn as an electrician in the Netherlands.

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Home Electrician Salary In Netherlands

The average Hourly Salary  Electrician in Netherlands

The average hourly wage for a Home Electrician in the Netherlands is € 12.00. This means that, on average, a home electrician earns around €1,200 per month and can expect to earn around €6,000 per year if they work full-time (40 hours).

The minimum wage for an electrician in the Netherlands is € 8.50 per hour. And there are no maximum limits on how much you can be paid by your employer as long as you meet all their requirements. Such as having valid qualifications or being able to speak Dutch fluently


If you are interested in becoming a Home Electrician in the Netherlands, then it’s important to know that the average hourly wage for this job is € 12.00 per hour.

In addition to being financially secure, a Home Electrician can also expect to earn well over the national average of € 22,000 per year. Even more, if they’re willing to work long hours or overtime.



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