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Best Tree Climber Stand in the Netherlands

Best Tree Climber Stand: Climbing trees let you move around and hunt in hidden places too far from the trail to reach with a ladder stand. They also let you change your setup during a hunt if you see that the deer are just out of range. And unlike hang-on tree stands, which need several climbing sticks, climbers only have two main parts that you have to worry about.

Best Tree Climber Stand

Best Packability: Ol’ Man Alumalite CTS

If you want a climber to carry to deep public holes, the Ol’ Man Alumalite CTS won’t wear you out when you get there. It was much easier to move through thicker cover because it was narrow and flat. The Ol’ Man is easier to pack than the Summit because it is less bulky and weighs closer to your body. The loose cables on the Ol’ Man made a lot of noise while packing, but if you add more bungees, you can make this stand much quieter and reduce the noise made by the loose cables while packing.

Summit Viper PRO SD Level

Summit is almost the only company that sells climbing gear, and for a good reason. We tried out a Summit stand that was quiet, comfortable, and easy to assemble. The elastic straps are very comfortable, and the seat cushion can also be used as a lumbar support. For comfort, the testers gave the Summit a solid 4 out of 5. The Summit took five minutes to set up for the climbing part of the test and three minutes to climb to a height of 10 feet (from the ground to the platform). This stand is very quiet because of Summit’s Dead Metal Technology. It was much quieter than the OL’ Man that we tested. The levellers also made it easy to keep the stand straight as the tree got narrower as you climbed it.

The Summit Openshot SD is the best for minimalists.

If you’ve ever bowhunting from a climber, even with the shortest bows, you know it can feel like a delicate dance when you’re trying to draw on a deer, not bump your stand, and stay out of sight. The Summit Openshot removed the front rail and added a super-padded, foldable seat that is quiet and comfortable when it’s time to get in position and shoot an arrow. This seat isn’t the widest, so bigger hunters might be unable to sit on it. Even with a longbow, you can get to full draw without moving around your stand because there is no rail.

This climber weighs 15 pounds, less than any of the other stands. This makes it a good choice for packing over longer distances. The Openshot is a good choice if you want something between a hang-on and a climber.



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