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Best Montesori School in Amsterdam Netherlands

If you are a parent of a preschooler in Amsterdam who is worried about enrolling their child in Montessori so you and your partner can continue with your daily schedule?

BINGO!!! You are at the right site at the right time.

This article will help you understand what Montessori is for, how it benefits your child’s intellectual growth and the best options in Amsterdam.

What are Montessori schools for?

A Montessori school provides great tools for hands-on learning, and children are encouraged to focus on activities that tickle their interests. All activities are aligned with learning to develop intellectual ability with a specifically designed curriculum. Montessori understood the significance of giving children responsibility for their learning so they can be creative from an early age.

How can Montessori school help your child?

Selecting a Montessori setting for your child offers several advantages. The Montessori Method, known for individually paced learning and cultivating independence, fosters empathy, a desire for social justice, and a delight in lifelong learning. It is more of a fun activity than anxiety to excel and fear of assessment.

Following are some skilful benefits that will add to the cause:

  • Montessori promotes social and emotional development.
  • The Montessori classroom approach includes self-correction and self-assessment.
  • The Montessori environment encourages students to learn.
  • Montessori value flexibility within constraints.
  • Montessori instils order, attention, and independence in children from an early age.



The Amsterdam Montessori school is one of the excellent Montessori schools in the area. The school environment offers a hands-on learning experience considering the student’s pace. Students are allowed to make their own choices regardless of their age. Learning happens through stages of receptivity, the so-called ‘sensitive periods’. The educational materials are developed and put in open cabinets so that children may work with them when they are ready. The instructor creates an environment in the group where each kid works independently or collaboratively with other children. The school offers several activities, including a traffic exam, school swimming group, music lessons, Mediatheque, sports day, gym class, school garden, and ICT at school.


The 6th Montessori School Anne Frank is a public Montessori primary school in Amsterdam’s Rivierenbuurt, where “old Amsterdammers” and “new Internationals” live and learn together. The Montessori school curriculum is aligned with learning and confidence development from an early age. The School follows the footsteps of Maria Montessori, a visionary that devoted herself to what she called “the rights of the child”. The school follows the Montessori technique, which she devised. It has undergone significant modification in the last 50 years, but the essence has stayed unchanged: the kid is essential.


The 8th Montessori School Zeeburg is a cutting-edge institution. It is based on the principles of Maria Montessori and provides children with a high-quality education in a secure learning environment. Each kid is acknowledged as a person and is enabled to become a responsible, autonomous, and self-assured global citizen. Our main philosophy is ‘Teach me to do it myself’. Learning paths are customized and tailored to individual abilities. Children are taught to reflect on their learning objectives and are made aware of what is expected of them. Children at our school have a lot of freedom of mobility and choice. They may express themselves inside the warm school atmosphere. However, space always exists within limits: our school is a community where students learn to respect one another and their instructors. The school has stringent rules and regulations, including strict anti-bullying procedures.

All in all, these are the best option available in Amsterdam, Netherlands.



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