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Five easy children’s books to read as a beginner in the Netherlands

Five easy children’s books to read as a beginner in the Netherlands: When it comes to a child’s reading experience, choosing the right books may make all the difference. The Netherlands is a great place to start reading because there are so many well-written books for kids there. In this article we dicuss five basic children’s books, each with charm and appeal.

Five easy children’s books to read as a beginner in the Netherlands

“Nijntje” by Dick Bruna

The “Nijntje” series by Dick Bruna is a classic for kids in the Netherlands. Nijntje, a white rabbit, and her family and friends engage in several adventures throughout the stories. The text’s readability makes it an excellent choice for novice readers. The photos are particularly recognizable due to their unique style, vivid hues, and simple shapes.

“Jip en Janneke” by Annie M.G. Schmidt

Annie M.G. Schmidt’s “Jip en Janneke” series is another well-known and beloved Dutch children’s book series. Jip and Janneke, two young children, are the story’s protagonists. They are always engaging in various adventures and misadventures. There is an abundance of repetition and rhyming lines to help young readers acquire new words. The images of Fiep Westendorp are equally charming, with a gorgeous and whimsical style that captures the spirit of children.

“Kikker” by Max Velthuijs

Max Velthuijs penned a series of Dutch children’s books entitled “Kikker” that follows the adventures of a gregarious frog named Kikker and his animal friends. The tales of friendship, bravery, and overcoming hardship are portrayed sympathetically and reassuringly. Because of its simplicity and plenty of repetition, this book is ideal for beginning readers. Young readers will like the artwork with soft colours and expressive characters.

“Dikkie Dik” by Jet Boeke

The wicked orange cat Dikkie Dik appears in a series of novels for Dutch kids written by Jet Boeke and published under the pen name “Dikkie Dik.” The stories are amusingly ridiculous and filled with surprising turns to keep young readers engaged. This literature is appropriate for beginning readers due to simple language and brief words. The illustrations are vivid and captivating, with lots of personality and details to catch the attention of young readers.

“Pluk van de Petteflet” by Annie M.G. Schmidt

“Pluk van de Petteflet” by Annie M.G. Schmidt is a popular Dutch children’s book about a little boy named Pluk who lives in a small town and has adventures with his animal friends. The tale is interesting and imaginative, with several hilarious and whimsical features, making it suitable for young readers. The illustrations by Fiep Westendorp, in which he illustrates the story’s events, are equally fascinating due to their vibrant colours and amusing tone.

Overall, the five books described above are all excellent choices for training a Dutch child to read. There is something here for everyone, whether they like time-honored stories, charming images, or crazy anecdotes. So, why not just start reading now? You never know where a path will take you.



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