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Minimum Wage in Netherlands Per Hour

Minimum Wage in Netherlands: The smallest sum that a person may be paid for his or her labor is the Minimum Wage in the Netherlands. The majority of nations have a national minimum wage that all employees must receive. The law does not establish a minimum wage that is paid per hour because various firms may have varied working hours. The law stipulates that there must be a minimum monthly payment for everyone who works a full-time job. The following is a list of the hourly minimum wages.

Minimum Wage in Netherlands Per Hour

The Netherlands is a desirable place to relocate. If not for the stunning tulip fields, delicious Dutch food, or bike culture, it is probably because of the amazing life-work balance and livable pay. The government examines the nation’s minimum wage every two years, and it is second only to Luxembourg in the EU.

The government imposes a minimum wage which is a certain amount of salary that cannot be paid to any employee in the Netherlands. The Dutch government has the authority to penalize employers who fail to pay the minimum wage. Employees in the Netherlands over the age of 20 who works 40 hours per week make 10.14 euros per hour. In comparison, the hourly minimum wage for people under the age of 15 is 3.04 euros. The highest hourly minimum pay is 11.26 euros for those who are over 21 and work 36 hours per week.

The table below is showing the amounts. The amount of taxes and social insurance contributions deducted from your pay will determine the net amount you get.

Minimum Wage in Netherlands per Hour

Working Hours

The amounts determined as the statutory minimum wage are based on a full workweek. This is typically 36, 38, or 40 hours a week, depending on the industry. For instance, the hotel and retail industries follow the 38-hour full-time workweek rule. An 8% holiday allowance is provided to employees. The legal age for the adult minimum wage is 21 years.

In 1969, the Netherlands passed its first minimum wage law (in Dutch). Now, on January 1 and July 1, the Dutch government reviews and modifies it every six months.

Amounts are Indicative

The hourly minimum wage amounts serve as a general guide. Your employer’s payments must be based on the whole statutory minimum wage for each day, week, or month. If the number is rounded, you might not be paid less than the required minimum wage.

There are also various more components that do not count toward the minimum wage. These include end-of-year bonuses, profit sharing, and overtime pay. In addition to a base salary, the minimum wage also includes customer tips and performance-based bonuses for shift work.

Calculating the Part-Time Worker’s Minimal Hourly Wage

If you only work part-time, the method for calculating your minimum wage is as follows:

  • Take the weekly minimum salary
  • Divide it by the total amount of hours in a typical workweek
  • Multiply the outcome by the number of hours you put in each week


The Netherlands is the country with high wages in Europe. This article has demonstrated the minimum hourly wage per hour in the Netherlands. If you are looking for employment, the Netherlands can be one of the best countries.



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