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Doctor Salaries in Netherlands in EURO

Doctor Salaries in the Netherlands: Those who intend to pursue a medical career in the Netherlands must be aware of the doctor wage in that nation. So, if you are looking for salaries of doctors in the Netherlands then this article is for you. In this article, we’ll examine the average physician pay in the Netherlands in 2023. And we will see how it stacks up against salaries in other nations and professions. In addition, we’ll look at intriguing wage statistics like the median income, salaries at the 25th and 75th percentiles, experience-based pay ranges, and more.

Doctor Salaries in Netherlands in EURO

In our research or data, the average salary income for a doctor in the Netherlands is EUR 70,000 for 1 year, with the average compensation hovering average EUR 140,000. The highest average pay is around EUR 218,00. These are the typical salaries that Dutch Netherlands doctors receive. They also consist of extras like accommodation and travel. A doctor’s income may also differ from the national average. The amount of variation in doctor pay will depend on your level of experience, geography, talents, and gender. To discover more about any of these topics, keep reading below.

Salary Ranges

The typical physician salary in the Netherlands is 70,000 to 218,000 euros, as is well knowledge. The difference between the average highest salary and lowest salary values is an accurate indicator of pay variability. And both companies and employees can use it to figure out how much they might expect to pay.

Median Salary

In the Netherlands, a physician makes a median wage of 142,300 euros. This value lies in the middle of the salary distribution. A solid indication that you are being paid well is if your income exceeds the median wage.


Similar to median salaries, percentiles focus on the top and bottom values of the distribution rather than the middle value. 25% of people in the Netherlands earn less than the average physician’s salary of 90,333 EUR. While 72% of people earn more than that amount. On the other hand, 24% of people earn more than 181,000 EUR. While 25% of people make less than 181,000 EUR.

The 25th and 75th percentile salaries can be used, like the median salary, to identify which quartile you belong to. This will let you know whether your pay is adequate relative to others in your field and area.

Average Salary by Gender

The average salary of doctors in the Netherlands is as follows

Doctor Salaries in Netherlands in EURO

Average Salary by Experience

The average salary of doctors by experience is shown in the figure below:

Average Pay Increment in the Netherlands

In some countries, an increase in annual pay is provided to employees as a “thank you” for their service. Our data show that every 17 months, a physician in the Netherlands normally obtains a pay increase of roughly 13%.

We can quickly get the approximate annual wage rise by applying the following formula to give the data additional context:

Annual Increase = ( Increase Rate ÷ Months ) × 12

This implies that a doctor in the Netherlands may expect to have their pay rise by 9% on average every 12 months.


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