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Can you just dry clothes in a washer Dryer Combo

Yes, you can dry clothes in a washer Dryer combo. Washer Dryer combos are designed to function as both a washer and dryer in one unit. After the washing cycle is complete, you can continue with the drying cycle without having to put the clothes in a separate dryer.

Washer-dryer combos use a combination of washing and drying functions to clean and dry clothes. Once the washing cycle is over, the machine will automatically switch to drying mode. You usually have the option to select the desired drying settings, such as temperature and drying time.

It is important to note that the drying capacity of washer Dryer combos is usually lower compared to stand alone dryers. This means you may need to dry smaller loads or take out some laundry items if you have a large load of laundry. In addition, the drying process in a combination dryer can take longer compared to dedicated dryers.

It is always recommended to refer to the specific instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your washer Dryer combo to ensure proper use and efficient drying of your clothes.



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