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Brown spots on the bottom of feet African American

Do you want to know about brown spots on the bottom of the feet of African American?? We are here to provide you with all the information and details of these brown spots. Just have a look at the article.

Brown spots on the bottom of feet:

These brown spots are infections which are caused by a fungus. The fungus is Hortaea Wernicke. The infection is called Tinea Nigra. this fungus is found in soil and dirty areas like sewage water. These areas are on the coast of South America. It is not so common in the United States but it occurs in humid climates. This infection causes brown patches on the palms and the bottom of the feet. More information is as follows:

Symptoms of brown spots:

This infection is not so harmful. Some of its symptoms are:

  • The brown spot is generally flat.
  • Brown shade becomes lighter as it extends inward.
  • It generally appears on the hand and foot.
  • It is slow growing.


You can treat brown spots according to your doctor’s recommendation. Some anti-fugal creams are effective because it is fungal infection.


You can prevent this infection by avoiding the soil, sewage, and such type of things because it is caused by these things.


        So this is all about brown spots on the bottom of feet.

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